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High Country Airedales is proud to dedicate this site to the preservation of the original instincts of the Airedale Terrier!

Our Airedales offer excellent conformation, gentle dispositions, companionship, intelligence, agility, speed, strength, and stamina, all combined with absolutely the best hunting instincts available.

If you are considering an Airedale Terrier, please be aware that the breed is capable of being an avid hunter and/or a wonderful companion for the whole family to love.  Because we are committed to preserving the Airedale as a versatile hunting & family companion, some parts of this site will contain actual hunting photos.

If you are strictly looking for a family companion, please enter into the "Family Companions Site."  Likewise, if you are interested in hunting with your Airedale, please enter into the "Hunting Companions Site."

We hope you enjoy your visit...